Friday, September 12, 2008 Campaign Concludes For 26,000+ Visitors

Dear Patron:

Now that the 2008 Presidential Primary season has wrapped-up, we want to thank YOU -- and 26,000+ other visitors -- for patronizing!

All of us volunteers at the StateDemocracy Foundation are proud of the vital role our site played to give rank-and-file Democrats a direct line of communication to the Super Delegates possessing decisive power in picking the 2008 Presidential nominee.

Remember, when we launched on the 1st of April, grassroots Democrats had little chance to voice their views to these top party officials -- who could vote as they wished, regardless of primary results or any other consideration. Given the close contest, it seemed certain these 800+ Super Delegates would become kingmakers, thus igniting a popular outcry for some measure of public accountability.

We were especially attuned to your clamor owing to our decade-long facilitation of constituent input to state and federal lawmakers via our site. Thus, our LobbyDelegates site was a natural offshoot of our Foundation’s historic commitment to civic empowerment.

We trust that, regardless of whether your preferred candidate prevailed, you appreciated the opportunity LobbyDelegates afforded for you to be heard. No other online tool enabled you to reach all these Super Delegates with such economy of effort (i.e., 1-click messaging to all Super Delegates in each state) and price (i.e., FREE for email).

Donations Still Appreciated

Let me extend our utmost appreciation to all who have alreadydonated to Whilethis generosity is greatly appreciated, please recognize that the costs we incurred forLobbyDelegates still exceed the contributions received. Hence, I’m asking everyone for a first-time donation, or an additionalone, to our StateDemocracy Foundation.Any amount you can afford will help. Simply click on the Donate button to send a contribution using your credit card or PayPal. Or you can make your check to our StateDemocracy Foundation (which runs LobbyDelegates) and mail it to this address:

StateDemocracy Foundation
6800 Willow Creek Rd.
Bowie, MD 20720

Be Sure to Visit

We enthusiastically invite you to visit our other civic engagement website, Here you can access (completely for FREE) a number of voter assistance tools– including applications for voter registration and absentee ballots, along with a poll locator listing your assigned neighborhood polling place. Feel free to download our FREE widgets for these 3 tools for use in any state. And take a few moments to promote these voter assistance tools to all your friends/family/neighbors/colleagues/etc.

Again, thanks

Ken Laureys, Executive Director
StateDemocracy Foundation